Do you use your left or right brain more?


Would you rather read a non-fiction or fiction book?

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Do you enjoy art or sports more?

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Which do you remember more easily: the face or the name of someone you just met?

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You are most interested in

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Can you remember your dreams when you wake up?

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Your boss wants you to complete some projects due in a couple of weeks. How do you start?

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You often forget to put things back in their proper place.

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Do you make decisions based on facts or feelings?

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When it comes to puns or metaphors you

Click on the question you knew the answer to first.

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When you hear a song, you pay more attention to

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If you were to cook right now, would you rather

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Do you use your left or right brain more?
You are left-brained!
Logic and reasoning is your way of learning and growing. Making lists about your daily tasks and goals benefit you tremendously-- but, do not forget to take more creative risks and read in between the lines.
You are right-brained!
You allow your emotions to overcome you sometimes, but that is exactly what makes you such a dreamer. You are very spontaneous, so make sure to stick to the books once in a while to come back down from dreaming.