Houseplants For Brown Thumbs

Plants in nature somehow always find a way to thrive. There is no doubt that at some point, you have come across small weeds comfortably flourishing in sidewalk cracks in 98-degree weather, getting rained and stepped on every other hour. With this observation, one can assume plants must be easy to take care of since they have proven resilient. Wrong. Put a plant indoors in a pot, and all of a sudden, it will die for something as simple as watering it on a Tuesday instead of Thursday. 

Thankfully, houseplants that can withstand a bit of abuse exist. Here are five plants that are practically impossible to kill: 

Photo by Better Homes and Gardens

Pothos: Keep this one in indirect light, preferably on a bookshelf, since it can grow up to 6-10 ft. long. No need to water often; they hate wet soil. Only water it when the soil is dry or when the leaves are dropping. 

Photo by The Spruce: Phoebe Cheong

English Ivy: Don’t worry; it may be ivy, but it’s not poisonous. Although they have a similar look to pothos, they have different watering needs. Keep English ivy moist, even when it’s cold. Luckily, they’re not picky about any specific light or temperature preference. 

Photo by Gardening Know How Andrey Nikitin

Snake Plant: Fun fact: this plant is a succulent, so you could practically forget about them, and they could still live. Be extra light on hydration, make sure the soil is dry between waterings, and be careful not to get the leaves wet (it will cause wilting). Place it in indirect light, and you’re good to go.

Photo by Scott Dubowsky

Aloe Vera: This plant is not only pleasing to the eye; once it grows, the gel it produces is a handy household item. As required with all succulents, get this plant a pot with decent drainage holes, a well-draining potting mix, and water when the soil is dry 1-2 inches deep. Make sure to place it in indirect bright light. 

Photo by Bloom Scape

Ponytail Palm: As with the other succulents on this list, you’ll want light watering and fast-draining materials for ponytails. Keep them in indirect bright light, and try bottom watering instead. Warning: the bigger the pot, the bigger this plant will grow (up to 30 ft. to be exact). Keep your ponytail in a small pot, and it will stay small and happy.