TV Review: The Umbrella Academy

Based on the comic book series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba, The Umbrella Academy is here to break all the rules in the best way possible.

This story is centered around the struggles of a dysfunctional group of superpowered siblings as they attempt to save the world from the apocalypse – while also dealing with their personal battles. The Umbrella Academy humanizes superheroes; instead of being righteous and powerful, the show’s characters are flawed, each dealing with their own demons on a very human level. It is refreshing to see a show that focuses on the characters rather than solely their powers, and the build-up to grand events is wonderfully executed.

The second season is even better than the first, with the siblings being transported to the 1950s, where they have to face real civil rights and political issues as well as rediscover themselves in this new timeline. While the second season’s special effects may feel overdone and the plot may be confusing at times, this series has beautifully written characters and relationships that keep viewers hooked and longing for more of this type of take on superheroes. 

With its quirky fight scenes to upbeat music, its odd and flawed character relationships, and its perfect balance of drama and superpowered action, The Umbrella Academy is incredibly enjoyable and highly recommended for anyone looking for something new and delightfully weird.