How to Repurpose Plastic

Plastic items, on average, take approximately 1,000 years to decompose. Many already try to make an effort by recycling, but this does not change the fact that the plastic will still take over several lifetimes to become one with the earth again. One way to really get sustainable use out of your plastic is to repurpose! Here are some creative ways to repurpose common plastic items in your day to day life: 

  1. Use milk/juice jugs as watering cans. Poke a few holes in the cap, and you’re good to go
Photo by A Journey to a Dream

2. Use gum containers as travel storage.

Photo by Beth Huntington

3. Cut plastic bottles in half to make planters–tons of fun designs to make with this one. 

Photo by Muy Ingenioso

4. Save plastic bags and use them as small trash can bags (household classic). 

Photo by Megan Finley Horowitz

5. Create a tape/ribbon/yarn dispenser. Cut a rectangular hole into a bottle and make sure the material you’re storing pokes out!

Photo by Indulgy

6. Poke some holes into bottle caps and create beautiful bottle cap curtains. These take patience but have wonderful results.

Photo by Vue

7. If the planters aren’t your style, try terrariums. I’ve made too many of these myself. Grab some substrate, rocks, and whichever plant you wish to create these beautiful enclosures.

Photo by Adirondack Girl at Heart

8. Room decor: butterflies, leaves, and anything you want. Cut your desired shapes out of any plastic material and decorate as you wish.

Photo by Fab Art DIY

9. Make a cute bird feeder for your yard. Cut off the bottom half of a large bottle and use it as the tray, the top will hold and dispense the food.

Photo by Birdy Official

10. Save your mailers, use them again!

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