Our Proud Shields of Unity

…we must always respect and value our institution by wearing our uniforms.”

The issue of wearing the uniform at school has not ceased to be controversial for parents, students, and some teachers. For some, wearing a uniform reinforces a sense of belonging and identity toward an institution. For others, such goals can be achieved with other tools and not through the use of a garment. 

To me, the uniform of South Miami Senior High represents the values our teachers instill in us every day. Feeling proud to wear uniforms daily identifies us as Cobras who are making our way into this society with the teachings of our school. Our shield and the colors of our uniform give us the guarantee of feeling unique among so many institutions in Miami. This is why we must always respect and value our institution by wearing our uniforms.

A person’s values ​​are reflected in everything they do, including the way they dress, what they eat, what they hear, what they see, and what they say. Wearing a uniform affirms respect for the rules and the school that enforces those rules. Every institution has the right to establish the use or non-use of a uniform. If we want to be part of that school, company, or group, we should not have problems with this. Fortunately, the world is wide and long; and there are options for all kinds of preferences. There are schools that do not require ID badges and everyone can choose what they can wear; but, even in these institutions, there are regulations and guidelines.

A school uniform policy, like any other school rule, develops the habit of respecting the established norms. Not following the school’s uniform policy violates compliance with the rules. The most relevant aspect is not the decision to put on the uniform or not but to respect the rules established by the institution to which we belong. Another aspect we must consider is that the use of a uniform maintains good personal presentation. For many people, this point is not so important because they affirm there is no general or universal rule that defines good presentation; nevertheless, each entity has its uniform and distinctive “professional presentation” like all the others. The truth is, however, that the use of a school uniform could prevent potentially uncomfortable situations, including innuendo, bullying, and even ridicule.

The school uniform is also a distinctive garment that can give information in unfortunate situations, such as accidents, tragedies, natural phenomena, etc. It can be a clue to identify the individual and their relationship with the institution and help facilitate any investigation process or even save lives. Furthermore, uniforms can help identify a student if he or she gets lost on a field trip or any public activity; equally, it can help identify intruders with bad intentions for the school.

Ultimately, I believe uniforms are good and necessary because it is a personal duty to maintain respect for the rules, respect for the entity to which we belong, and for the safety of our students and staff.