The Serpent's Tale

State Election Laws
Melanie Montes, Lead • December 7, 2020

On November 7, 2020, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were declared President and Vice President elect of the United States....

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Armenian Conflict
Anna-Marie Skelly, Writer • December 5, 2020

Tens of years of bubbling conflict and disputes between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh area came to a tipping...

Hong Kong Legislators Resign in the Continuous Fight for Independence
Hong Kong Legislators Resign in the Continuous Fight for Independence
Alberto Rosales, Lead • December 2, 2020

Since the beginning of protests in March of 2019, Hong Kong’s struggle to maintain its sovereignty under the “One Country,...

Latinos en la Florida Durante las Elecciones
Latinos en la Florida Durante las Elecciones
Elixyane Ferraz, Writer • December 8, 2020

Siempre ha existido un contraste entre las opiniones sobre Trump en la comunidad hispana de la Florida, pero se demostró aún más este noviembre durante las elecciones presidenciales....

¿Cómo Leer una Obra de Teatro?
¿Cómo Leer una Obra de Teatro?
Lorena Santana, Lead • December 8, 2020

Es un hecho muy conocido que las obras de teatro mejoran nuestras habilidades de comunicación, y nos enriquecen de manera personal, emocional, e intelectual. Por mucho que...

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Tenet Movie Review: A Christopher Nolan Film That Challenges Your Perspective About Everything and Anything.
Jasmine Fernandez, Lead • February 2, 2021

When portraying a world in which the possibility of mind-bending theories connected to time and space come alive, it can get pretty messy. This is especially true in Christopher...

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K.G. Album Review
Adriel Basulto, Lead • December 8, 2020

I feel it’s only fair to preface this by establishing the immense love I have for King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. With that disclaimer out of the way, K.G. is an...

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4 Signs You Need To Schedule a Self-Care Day and How
4 Signs You Need To Schedule a Self-Care Day and How
Jasmine Fernandez, Lead • December 8, 2020
The Unexpected Pet
The Unexpected Pet
Angelina Rubalcava, Design Editor • December 8, 2020
Horoscopes #4 (Dec 7-Dec 13)
Horoscopes #4 (Dec 7-Dec 13)
Maria Aguilera, Co-Editor-in-Chief • December 7, 2020
South Miamis Senior Artists: Part One
South Miami's Senior Artists: Part One
Angelina Rubalcava, Design Editor • April 9, 2021

South Miami Senior High is distinguished as a School of the Arts, with some of its programs not offered anywhere else in the county! Within our...

Open Letter to Educators
Open Letter to Educators
Anonymous, Contributor • March 19, 2021

Homework, undeniably the worst part of being a student.  Administration tries to make us be wary of social media, drugs, and bullying...

An Introverts Guide to the School Systems Unfortunate Neglect
An Introvert's Guide to the School System's Unfortunate Neglect
Anonymous, Guest Writer • February 3, 2021

In·​tro·​vert (n.): quiet, reserved, and thoughtful individuals. They don’t seek out special attention or social engagements, as these...

Our Proud Shields of Unity
Our Proud Shields of Unity
Valentina De La Cruz, Writer • December 10, 2020

The issue of wearing the uniform at school has not ceased to be controversial for parents, students, and some teachers. For some, wearing...

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